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Waterdrop Massage Cream
RECELL Water Drop Massage Cream
Massagecream infusing life into inelastic skin
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How to use   HOW TO USE
After washing face in the morning or evening, massage face and neck with Waterdrop Massage Cream, and wipe softly with tissue or wet towel.
After that, apply ReCell collagen andReCell Vitamin or E.G.F GOLD PACK and wash face with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.
Cautions   NOTES
In case you experience abnormalities listed below while using cosmetics
STOP USING and consult a dermatologist as continuous using may aggravate symptoms.
- In case of abnormalities such as redspot, swelling-up, itching, irritation while using
- In case abnormalities listed above occurs on the applied part by direct sunlight